October 2, 2018

Linguistic Systems, Inc. Announces the Relaunch of its Unique, Secure, Translation Services Solution as Ai Translate by LSI

2 Concurrent Announcements: LSI Translation Plugin for Relativity is Rebranded as Ai Translate Plugin™ for Relativity; and Ai Translate by LSI Consulting™ is launched.


Boston, MA – October 2, 2018 – Linguistic Systems, Inc. (LSI) announces that it is rebranding and relaunching its unique, secure, translation services solution as AI Translate by LSI™. Formerly branded as Select Translation Service (STS), the solution has recorded nearly a decade of experience and hundreds of millions of translated pages for major AmLaw 100 and other international law firms, leading eDiscovery service companies, government agencies, and Fortune 500 corporations.

Ai Translate by LSI™ includes a proprietary, secure, best-in-class, SaaS application and set of services that enable clients with a high volume of foreign language content to translate it quickly, accurately, and more affordably than using traditional methods. Ai Translate by LSI™ includes all of the following:

  • 64 Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) engines built from Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) technology which enable direct ordering of machine translation in up to 64 language pairs;
  • 10 Neural Machine Translation (NMT) engines (with new ones added regularly) that incorporate artificial intelligence, machine learning, and direct ordering of translation in up to 10 language pairs;
  • 6 Translation quality options — ranging from the highest quality human translation plus editing to rapid inexpensive Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) or Neural Machine Translation (NMT). These options include the ability to enhance SMT and NMT with human post-editing, and all options are orderable from a single user interface or API;
  • Ability to order human translation from and to as many as 120 languages by leveraging human translation services from Linguistic System’s carefully screened and certified network of 7,500 translators;
  • Ability to enhance machine translation (MT) results with custom glossaries of difficult to translate proprietary industry expressions, acronyms, product names, keywords, places, personal names, and unique cultural terms;
  • Automatic free language detection as part of the translation ordering process;
  • Ability to use several translation services within the same project to optimize the quality, turnaround time, and cost associated with each content type and translation purpose;
  • Ability to secure consulting expertise and project support from Linguistic Systems’ team of translation experts, leveraging the company’s more than 50 years of deep knowledge across dozens of industries;
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Systems certification of technology and processes;
  • Additional certifications including ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and ISO 27001 Translation Quality Management Systems.

Concurrently, Linguistic Systems announces that it is rebranding its LSI Translation Plugin for Relativity as Ai Translate Plugin™ for Relativity. It enables users of Relativity, the most widely used platform and ecosystem for eDiscovery, to get all the benefits of Ai Translate by LSI™ without leaving the Relativity app. This allows eDiscovery translations to occur rapidly and more cost-effectively without slowing down to export/import documents for translation or to order human translation as an outside workflow. The plugin is available for all currently supported versions of Relativity including 9.6.

The rebranding of all elements is occurring in stages, as follows:

  • Launch of a new website (live now) as the home content to explain the offering. It can be found at;
  • Branding refresh of Linguistic Systems’ Ai Translate by LSI™ technology solution, formerly known as Select Translation Service (STS), over the coming month;
  • Branding refresh of the Ai Translate Plugin™ for Relativity (formerly LSI Translation Plugin for Relativity) over the next few months following the release of the next version of Relativity;
  • Continuation of as Linguistic Systems’ corporate website.

Linguistic Systems also announces that it has launched a new service, Ai Translate by LSI Consulting™. This service is intended to leverage Linguistic Systems’ 50+ years of deep translation expertise across multiple industries and nearly a decade of machine and neural translation software development to help clients with business transformation efforts involving translation. Unlike Linguistic Systems’ normal project consulting, which is free, Ai Translate by LSI Consulting™ involves a proposal-based, cost-effective, contractual investment to help guide much larger efforts. Examples of business transformation opportunities include:

  • Platform integration to embed Ai Translate by LSI™ within clients’ internal or external platforms and ecosystems;
  • Assistance with complex, multi-stage, international legal cases;
  • Assistance with custom security requirements beyond the standard Ai Translate by LSI™ implementations;
  • Process transformation to help define and optimize the way companies handle foreign language translations on a large scale.

Mark Ettinger, Vice President of Linguistic Systems, explained the rebranding: “Ai Translate by LSI™ represents where we’re going as a company. Our focus is on leveraging technology, AI-based machine learning, and process customization to help clients optimize their translation efforts.”

Boris Katsevman, Vice President of Engineering, elaborated further, “We’ve made substantial investments during the last several years in deep language science, user experience, machine learning, and process optimization. We believe this rebranding more accurately represents that focus.”

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Linguistic Systems, Inc. “LSI” ( is a Boston-based premier translation services company founded by Martin Roberts, Linguistic Systems CEO, in 1967. The company offers advanced machine translation technology, a network of 7,500 carefully screened translation professionals, 6 translation quality options, and 50+ years of deep language translation expertise across multiple industries.

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