Linguistic Systems has served leading global corporations, law firms, and government agencies with exceptional M&A translation services for more than 5 decades. Ai Translate by LSI™ is our secure, powerful, SaaS translation solution.


M&A translation (foreign language translation for M&A due diligence and post-deal integration) is a critical success factor for cross-border deals. That’s because the process of due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, more than anything else, is about mitigating risk while working to optimize the value of the deal.

But how do you properly identify and scrutinize the other party’s foreign risks and opportunities if you aren’t shown the precise meaning of all relevant foreign language content? It’s very risky to be missing essential insights simply because they’re hidden in non-English text.

Linguistic Systems can make it affordable and prudent to translate all foreign language files. We’ve helped leading global corporations, law firms, and government agencies to properly scrutinize the merits of M&A deals for more than 5 decades. With our Ai Translate by LSI™ solution, you have 5 embedded translation options available to you to help optimize translation quality (content meaning) while lowering cost. Additional sophisticated capabilities like Custom Language Glossaries, Automatic Language Detection, and Semantic Search can further enhance and accelerate results.

You can deploy Ai Translate as an enterprise user (your team engages with the software) or as a managed service (we’ll do it all for you). Our Ai Translate team can work with you to determine the ideal engagement model and translation processes for your deal. Ai Translate can be accessed via the web (as a secure Sass application), via APIs, or as a plugin for Relativity — a leading eDiscovery ecosystem. 


Ai Translate by LSI™ offers a number of powerful capabilities. These include:

  • 5 embedded translation levels ranging from rapid, inexpensive machine translation (MT); to human revision (post-editing) of machine translation output; to the highest quality human translation plus post-editing;
  • Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) — more than 65 language pairs;
  • AI-based Neural Machine Translation (NMT) — more than 25 language pairs;
  • Ability to enhance machine translation (MT) results with client data and custom language glossaries;
  • Search across multiple languages for a common meaning via semantic search;
  • Ability to order human translation in 120 languages via 7,500 carefully screened and certified translators;
  • Automatic free language detection;
  • Ability to optimize quality, turnaround time, and cost;
  • Ability to secure expert consulting and project support from LSI;
  • ISO 27001 Certification: Information Security Systems — ensures all personal data are kept permanently secure;
  • ISO 18587 Certification: Post-Editing of Machine Translation Output — certifies quality processes for post-editing;
  • ISO 9001 Certification: Quality Management Systems — ensures quality processes;
  • ISO 17100 Certification: Translation Quality Management Systems — ensures best practices specific to translation management.



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