Linguistic Systems is a premier provider of language translation services for the Legal industry. We’ve served the AmLaw 100, Federal law enforcement agencies, and thousands of international law firms with best-in-class technology and service for 50+ years.


The exact meaning of source content is critically important in legal matters. An entire case, millions of dollars in damages, and a client’s reputation can all hinge on translation accuracy. For litigation, matters can be further complicated when eDiscovery involves millions of files with thousands requiring the highest level of translation accuracy.

Linguistic Systems has been serving top legal firms, corporations, and law enforcement agencies with highly accurate language translations for more than 50 years. You can rely on the depth and superior performance of our services, backed by certification to 3 ISO standards for quality and security management. Ai Translate by LSI™ (formerly STS) has been at the core of our service for nearly a decade.

Linguistic Systems offers the Ai Translate Plugin™ for RelativityOne and plugins for all supported versions of Relativity through 9.7. To assist you with complex international legal cases and other business transformation needs, Ai Translate by LSI Consulting™ is available. 



  • Best-in-Class Technology — Ai Translate by LSI™ includes 64 proprietary, secure statistical machine translation (SMT) engines and 14 neural machine translation (NMT) engines. They’re a fast and cost-effective for many areas of legal translation.
  • Built-in Flexibility— Our machine translation engines are supplemented with up to 5 higher levels of quality to achieve the optimum combination of accuracy, turnaround time, and cost to meet your objectives. Order all levels via Ai Translate.
  • Deep Industry & Legal Expertise — Ai Translate lets you order human translation from highly qualified translators with relevant experience and knowledge in the target industries of your project. More than 70% have advanced degrees, and many are attorneys.
  • Language & Cultural Fluency — Linguistic Systems’ translators average more than 12 years of translation experience, and all are tested for exceptional accuracy and cultural fluency in their native target language.
  • Quality & Security — Linguistic Systems maintains the highest standards of quality and security to protect your content. Our policies and procedures follow strict ISO 9001, ISO 17100, and ISO 27001 requirements. Ai Translate by LSI™ also does not keep any of your proprietary data, unlike the publicly available translation engines.
  • Government Compliance— Linguistic Systems can help you meet numerous US Government regulatory requirements. We can provide certifications and notarizations, as needed, to validate your translations.


Keeping up with the intense pace and varying needs of high volume eDiscovery is a severe challenge. Foreign language documents magnify those challenges and can slow eDiscovery to a crawl. Ai Translate by LSI™ is our powerful, unique translation platform for eDiscovery. It translates 2 billion words per year (often running 24 X 7), and is backed by Linguistic Systems’ 50+ years of exceptional translation performance.


Bringing together two multinational organizations is complex and risky. It’s even more treacherous when critical documents such as contracts, financial reports, marketing analyses, product strategies, and intellectual property filings are in multiple languages. Ai Translate by LSI™ (formerly STS) has supported landmark M&A investigations and numerous DOJ second requests for more than 50 years.


The Ai Translate Pluginfor Relativity (formerly the LSI Translation Plugin for Relativity) is the first full-service plugin to offer translation for Relativity (through v. 9.7) and now RelativityOne. With the plugin, clients can stay current with the latest versions of Relativity, order as many as 6 levels of translation quality, and translate all relevant documents — without leaving the app.


Intellectual property patent searches, foreign applications, and litigation are significantly more complex when successful outcomes require accurate translation. With 50+ years of continuous service to the AmLaw 100 and hundreds of other law firms, Linguistic Systems can meet your IP translation requirements no matter how complex.


Ai Translate by LSI™ was built to handle the uncertainties of foreign language content, timelines, and budgets. International litigation moves faster and more securely when translations are managed by Ai Translate and the Linguistic Systems team. We’ve served the AmLaw 100 and hundreds of other law firms for 50+ years.



Linguistic Systems has supported some of the largest antitrust cases of the last ten years. This includes deploying 500 human translators simultaneously to produce 150,000 pages in 40 days to meet DOJ requirements. All can be accomplished within Ai Translate by LSI™.


Linguistic Systems serves various government agencies with translation services. We also perform sub-contracts for Government contractors who defer to our proven language services capabilities. Linguistic Systems can help subcontractors to win government contracts and deliver to a higher, more cost-effective level of service.



Regulatory compliance does not get a pass, even when millions of foreign language documents must be translated. Ai Translate by LSI™ can help corporations stay compliant with government mandates and reduce risk. You’ll translate your foreign language documents quickly, accurately, and securely.


  • Antitrust litigation
  • Company bylaws and policies
  • Contracts
  • Court filings
  • Customer laws and treaties
  • Depositions
  • Employer policies
  • Financial reports
  • Intellectual property
  • International agreements
  • Journal articles
  • Judgments and rulings
  • Legal briefs
  • Personnel records
  • Pro bono work
  • Product warranties
  • Regulatory filings
  • And more …

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