Ai Translate Analytics is the ultimate upgrade for your global compliance monitoring and multi-language eDiscovery workflows. Conquer FCPA, ESG, and other compliance obligations with a suite of powerful software tools enabling multi-language content search, categorization, redaction, scoring, and more. 


Ai Translate Analytics is a suite of powerful software tools that adds a foreign-language analytics component to your compliance management program, content monitoring efforts, eDiscovery analytics, and other mission critical multi-language initiatives. Here are the essential unique capabilities of Ai Translate Analytics software.

1. Cross-Lingual Semantic Search: Perform cross-lingual semantic search across multiple languages enabling identification and precise location of elusive content of utmost importance. Prioritize the most relevant content for human translation so that quality, costs, and delivery times are optimized to improve legal, financial, and business outcomes.

2. Real-Time Monitoring: Observe and monitor multiple live text feeds for specific terms, expressions, concepts, or activities that may pose risks. Identify which files or documents matched the searched terms in multiple languages.

3. Categorization: Receive dynamic inventories and quick categorization of what’s in each file system database. Includes number of files, sentences, and languages — even instances of when the language changed within a post or file. Identifies organizations, people, or other entities mentioned across numerous languages.

4. Redaction: Find any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) across multiple languages so it can be redacted from content analysis efforts. Enables instantaneous redaction of names, email addresses, personal IDs, phone numbers, addresses, organizations, locations, nationalities, religions, or any other PII while original files are retained.

5. Scoring: Display (and score) the number of sentences, posts, or files that meet or exceed the semantic query criteria. Includes instances of concept occurrence separately from instances of relevant posts or files occurrence. Queries can be in English (or one language) and performed against many languages.

6. Integration with Ai Translate and Relativity: Ai Translate Analytics is integrated with our proven Ai Translate solution and the leading eDiscovery platform, Relativity. Ai Translate adheres to ISO-certified security and quality management practices.

7. Access to Expert On-Demand Services: Sophisticated software often requires knowledgeable support services. Ai Translate Consulting team can assist you with bespoke user guidance or a full managed-service relationship.

Ai Translate Analytics: The Ultimate Upgrade for E-Discovery, Translation, and Compliance

Semantic Search, Monitoring, Categorization, Redaction, Scoring

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Ai Translate Analytics (cross-lingual semantic search and analytics) works in conjunction with Ai Translate by LSI which includes:

  • Machine translation in 90+ language pairs,
  • Human translation and post-editing in as many as 120+ languages via a network of 7,500 professional translators,
  • Custom bilingual glossaries of industry-specific terms, acronyms, company and product names, and other outlier expressions that enable faster, more accurate translation,
  • ISO-certified security and translation quality management.


Linguistic Systems, Inc. (LSI) has achieved 4 ISO certifications for the quality of our management systems, processes, and information security. These ISO certifications are difficult to achieve and require third-party auditing, vulnerability testing, and re-certification. They represent Linguistic Systems’ ongoing commitment to the highest standards of performance and security. You can view our ISO Certifications here.


Ai Translate Analytics software is a powerful tool for these important use cases, and more.




FCPA Compliance Management

U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) — a most imposing compliance obligation for global corporations. This is a U.S. federal law intended to combat bribery of foreign officials and bring transparency and accountability to international business practices.

ESG Icon


ESG Compliance Management

Global organizations in numerous industries face a plethora of compliance obligations if they wish to qualify as ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investments. This refers to a set of company behavior standards used by “socially conscious investors” to screen potential investments.

eDiscovery Analytics


eDiscovery Analytics

Ai Translate Analytics can enable categorization and optimization of foreign language content so that the most relevant content can be prioritized to receive the most precise human translation. This saves time and money and identifies critical case matter content faster.

Social Media User


Social Media Content Monitoring

For social media networks to remain vibrant, content monitoring and mediation must enable free speech yet identify and moderate harmful or illegal content. The reasons are to adhere to community standards, respect age- and interest-appropriate content, and balance accuracy and engagement.


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Closing the Gap in Compliance Monitoring Software: The Critical Value of Multi-Language Search & Analytics

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Linguistic Systems and Ai Translate by LSI™ provide translation services in as many as 120+ languages. Among the most common languages for business, legal, and government translation are: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese, and many more.

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