July 7, 2020


Cosmich Simmons & Brown’s Strategic Business Solutions  Practice Group and Ai Translate by LSI™ Form Strategic Partnership to Deliver End-to-End Legal Services and Language Translation


Partnership Integrates Pre-eminent Legal and LPO Provider with Best-in-Class Language Analytics and Translation Services Company to address Multi-Language Engagements across Multiple Industries  

Boston, MA and Phoenix, AZ — July 7, 2020 — Linguistic Systems, Inc. (LSI) and the CSB Strategic Business Solutions (SBS) division of Cosmich Simmons & Brown (CS&B) announce a strategic partnership to provide best-in-class, AI-based machine translation and expert human translation services as part of CSB’s end-to-end legal and LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing) services. These joint efforts will support eDiscovery, litigation, investigations, due diligence, M&A, post-acquisition integration, regulatory reviews, and multi-language document review and translation for CSB’s clients — global leaders in technology, manufacturing, retail, transportation, mining & precious metals, and other industries.

The partnership provides CSB clients with unparalleled expertise. They continue to leverage the skill and professional experience of SBS senior bilingual staff attorneys and paraprofessionals while maximizing quality and efficiency through their multi-language translation efforts. “SBS is well known for their industry experience and legal skills that leverage industry-best technologies to provide uncompromising results for their clients,” said Martin Roberts, President, Linguistic Systems, Inc.

Neural machine translation (NMT), advanced analytics, legal post-editing, expert human translation and verification, and more can all be combined in the translation process. Clients are served by two highly respected leaders in cross-border legal matters and content.

“We are excited to partner with Ai Translate and their experienced team of language and technology experts to go to market with a wide breath of services and capabilities,” Matt Clarke, Partner at Cosmich Simmons & Brown, PLLC, commented. “Our corporate and law firm clients will benefit greatly from our integration and close working relationship.”

As legal technology continues to evolve, clients are best served by technology, services, and expertise from knowledgeable providers who continue to specialize, refine, and augment their talent, technology, and services. This partnership between Cosmich Simmons & Brown’s SBS Practice Group and Linguistic Systems delivers that.


Ai Translate by LSI™ is a unique secure SaaS solution from Linguistic Systems Inc. It has been in use for nearly a decade — supporting thousands of users and translating hundreds of millions of pages. Clients include major AmLaw 100 and other international law firms, leading eDiscovery service companies, government agencies, and Fortune 500 corporations.

Ai Translate by LSI™ offers six translation service levels. They range from raw machine translation (statistical or neural), to machine translation plus human post-editing, to full human translation. Ai Translate can be enhanced to produce a customized machine translation output targeted to the client’s source data. This can be followed by human post-editing that corrects errors to achieve a highly accurate, lower-cost result.

Ai Translate is accessible via Relativity, the most widely used eDiscovery solution, and it is compatible with all active versions of Relativity including RelativityOne. Users get all the benefits of Ai Translate without leaving their Relativity environment. This allows translations to occur swiftly and more cost-effectively without ordering translation as an outside workflow.

Ai Translate by LSI™ is  a proprietary secure SaaS application and set of services. It includes all the following:

  • 6 Translation service options ranging from raw machine translation, to human post-editing of machine translation output, to the highest quality human translation plus editing;
  • Machine Translation using either Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) or Neural Machine Translation (NMT) in as many as 67 language pairs, with new engines added regularly;
  • Ability to enhance machine translation (MT) results with relevant client data and custom bilingual glossaries to more accurately process proprietary industry expressions, acronyms, product names, keywords, places, personal names, and unique cultural terms;
  • Ability to order human translation from and to as many as 120 languages by leveraging human translation services from 8,599 translators carefully screened and certified by LSI;
  • Automatic free language detection;
  • Ability to select the most appropriate translation level within the same project to optimize the quality, turnaround time, and cost associated with each content type and translation purpose;
  • Ability to secure consulting expertise and project support from Linguistic Systems’ team of translation experts, leveraging the company’s 53+ years of deep knowledge across dozens of industries;
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Systems certification of technology and processes;
  • Additional certifications including ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, ISO 17100 Translation Quality Management Systems, and ISO 18587 Post-Editing of Machine Translation Output.


Christopher Toomey, Esq., Director of CSB Strategic Business Solutions, commented, “We’re excited to offer our clients this secure, best-in-class solution to enhance our translation database and capabilities. Ai Translate and Linguistic Systems helped to pioneer this new era of AI-driven solutions for legal.”

Bart Holladay, Language Services Executive for Ai Translate and Linguistic Systems, offered: “We’re honored to be working closely with CSB to bring their clients the highest level of translation quality, security, and efficiency. Our combined companies offer decades of expertise at the highest level in cross-border language translation.”

For more information, visit AiTranslate.com and www.CSB-SBS.com.


 About Cosmich Simmons & Brown’s Strategic Business Solutions

CSB Strategic Business Solutions (”SBS”) is a subsidiary of the law firm of Cosmich Simmons & Brown (”CS&B”). Born out of a law firm environment, SBS is comprised of more than one hundred highly qualified attorneys, eDiscovery specialists, and other legal and business professionals who provide legal and LPO services to support litigation, investigations, due diligence, M&A and post-acquisition integration services, contract management, managed review, multi-language document review and translations, and other legal, contract, and business services to corporations and law firms. 

We understand that some business problems require legal solutions, but not all business problems require the engagement and cost of a traditional legal response. That is why SBS was created; we are essentially an LPO company created and managed by attorneys within an established law firm. During each engagement, CS&B Partners and Directors collaborate with SBS professionals on process management to provide legal oversight under the umbrella of attorney client protection, providing clients the security and comfort of knowing that a national law firm stands behind our work product while the qualified and talented SBS staff attorneys provide legal and LPO services at a fraction of the cost of a traditional legal engagement.  

Applying fundamental principles of project management to every case, our teams create repeatable, efficient, and simplified workflows to deliver predictable and defensible outcomes for all your litigation, investigations, document reviews, administrative needs, multi-language requirements, or contract management projects. Our services are specifically designed for businesses to deliver uncompromising results at a dramatically reduced cost. 

Christopher Toomey, Esq., Director

CSB, Strategic Business Solutions, PLLC 

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About Linguistic Systems

Linguistic Systems, Inc. (LSI) (Linguist.com) is a Boston-based premier translation services company founded by Martin Roberts, President of Linguistic Systems, in 1967. The company offers advanced machine translation technology, a network of more than 8,000 carefully screened translation professionals, six levels of translation services, and 53+ years of deep language translation expertise across multiple industries. LSI has served most of the AmLaw 100 and Fortune 100.

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