Linguistic Systems is a premier provider of language translation services for business. We’ve helped executive, in-house legal, financial, product, and marketing teams to better serve customers, employees, and investors for 50+ years.



Regulatory compliance is riskier and more complex when millions of foreign language documents are involved. Ai Translate by LSI™ can help you categorize non-English files by relevance and importance, and then translate them quickly, accurately, securely, and affordably.



Marketing products and services internationally requires careful attention to the language, cultural nuances, business practices, and laws of each market. Ai Translate by LSI™ can successfully translate your website, advertising, product content, and other marketing.


Ai Translate by LSI™ can securely translate your financial reporting so investors, employees, customers, vendors, and international media can view them in local foreign languages. We also offer multimedia services to preserve your branding. We’ve helped many of the world’s largest companies to comply with local regulations.


International customers, partners, and employees dramatically increase their understanding of your products and their buy-in when product content, technical manuals, and promotional materials are in local foreign language. Ai Translate by LSI™ can help you better inform your ecosystem in multiple markets.



To be meaningful, analytics should draw input from as many relevant sources as possible — including foreign language sources. But how does your technology or team analyze data that cannot be read? Ai Translate by LSI™ uses automatic language detection to sort and categorize information before converting it to a common language for analysis.


  • Annual reports
  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Compliance reports
  • Corporate policies
  • Data tables and analytics
  • eDiscovery source files
  • Financial records
  • HR policies
  • Insurance claims
  • Intellectual property documentation
  • Loan applications
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Marketing research
  • Marketing strategies
  • Merger & acquisition files
  • Personnel files
  • Product documentation
  • Product strategies
  • Prospectuses
  • Sales strategies
  • Shareholder reports
  • Websites
  • And more …

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