As a Linguistic Systems client, which includes Ai Translate by LSI™, you can expect the highest level of security and confidentiality for your confidential information or that of your clients. Available for download by clicking below is the Linguistic Systems Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement. It details each party’s responsibility in keeping confidential information private and secure. Areas of discussion within the agreement include: Proprietary Information; Scope of Agreement; Use and Disclosure of Proprietary Information; Limitation on Obligations; Ownership of Proprietary Information; Return of Proprietary Information; Applicable Law and International Certifications; and Your Obligations. You are also covered by Linguistic Systems’ achievement of 4 ISO certifications for Quality Management Systems and Information Security. Certifications include ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems); ISO 17100 (Translation Quality Management Systems); ISO 27001 (Information Security Systems); and ISO 18587 (Post-Editing of Machine Translation Output).

Be protected. Download the Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement as the first step of your relationship with Linguistic Systems.