Semantic Translation Technology-Assisted Review (STAR) helps Ai Translate users to improve eDiscovery productivity and minimize the foreign-language files to be reviewed and translated.

Semantic Search

It’s often assumed that searching for a common term across multiple languages is simple. But it’s not. That’s because some terms don’t translate well, or barely at all, into other languages. Other times, it takes a combination of words or expressions within a certain context to produce the same meaning. 

What is semantic search? It’s a sophisticated tool that allows you to search for a “common meaning” across languages versus a common term. It’s used by top government security agencies and other clients to find precise common meanings across multiple languages. 

Semantic search is now available as a beta capability in our Semantic Translation Technology Assisted Review (STAR) capability. STAR can be used as a front-end semantic search engine in conjunction with Ai Translate.

A Game-Changing Analytics Workflow

In the effort to find common meanings across multiple languages, here’s how the STAR semantic search engine can help:

1) STAR’s language-specific ontologies are independent of search terms, so STAR users can retrieve results cross-lingually.

2) STAR accesses the distribution of similar words in similar contexts, where they often have similar meanings.

3) As a front-end to Ai Translate, STAR can find common meanings across vast multi-language data sets.

4) STAR can reduce the amount of Electronically Stored Information to be reviewed, preserved, or translated.

Ai Translate by LSI Consulting team can work with you to integrate STAR into your cross-lingual digital workflow.



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