Ai Translate by LSI Consulting is a business transformation support service to help you leapfrog business as usual. You’ll get expert strategic translation guidance to support larger projects, platform extensions, custom security implementations, and process transformation.



Complex legal cases can gobble up incredible amounts of time, resources, and client budgets. Foreign language documents elevate the complexity exponentially. Ai Translate by LSI™ Consulting services can help you gain control over your translation process, information integrity, resources, and budget. Our expert consultants will leverage our technical and human assets to help optimize your translation efforts. You’ll save money on the least relevant content while reserving the highest accuracy for those files that require true precision.



Ai Translate by LSI™ (formerly STS) was the first translation software to be fully integrated (via plugin) within Relativity, the leading eDiscovery platform. The Ai Translate by LSI™ Consulting team can help you to incorporate our powerful, industry-leading translation software into your internal or customer-facing ecosystem. You’ll receive technical expertise and account management support to ensure a smooth integration. The Ai Translate by LSI™ Consulting team can also work with you to seamlessly educate your constituents.



The Ai Translate by LSI™ translation solution is certified to ISO 27001 standards for Information Security Systems. However, if your organization or ecosystem requires additional custom security requirements beyond the standard implementation to accommodate internal or client needs, Ai Translate by LSI™ Consulting professionals can work with you to meet those specific requirements. With this unique support, you’ll be able to enhance translation capabilities and security for your constituents.



After 50+ years and tens of thousands of clients, we’ve learned a lot about the ideal translation process to fit each situation or organization. Our Ai Translate by LSI™ Consulting team is prepared to share our technical, security, process, and cost-saving learning with you. We can help you to understand, simplify, streamline, and strengthen your translation process. As a result, we’ll help you save time and re-use previous translations to lower costs more than you may have thought possible.


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