Ai Translate Offers Native File Capability 

Updated: December 8, 2020 — eDiscovery often uncovers vast quantities of non-English files that are normal in business (such as Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and Word documents); however, most document discovery services do not always return files in these native formats. Instead, they work with the bare text extracted from native files and return their processing result in the text format as well.

Similarly, the output after translation is a text file and not the format of the native source file or other non-text format unless you have native file support. This advanced function will deliver the translation in the original source file format.

That’s because, without native file support, your translation output is a text file and not the Excel (XLSX), PowerPoint (PPTX), or Word (DOCX) file originally submitted for translation. This slows your workflow if hundreds or thousands of machine translation files, in order to be useful, must be converted back to their original format.

Improved Usability of Translated Documents

The ability to obtain the translated file with the same layout as the source file is particularly desirable because the document’s layout might play a significant role in the comprehension and usability of the document. It is simply necessary for true fidelity to the source file.

If you’re using Ai Translate for LSI™, you have this significant new capability — native file support — that allows you to submit native files for translation and to receive the translation result in the same format[1]. Moreover, for high quality human translation services, upon request, you can receive a target format different from that of the source file.

With the addition of native file support to Ai Translate, your eDiscovery can be more effective and yield more satisfactory production. That’s because previously unreadable foreign documents will now be available in the target language equivalent and in the desirable format.

Ai Translate Plugin for Relativity and RelativityOne

Native file support is now also released for new versions of our Ai Translate Plugin™ for Relativity (and RelativityOne). This is available without charge in our Plugin Store. The Ai Translate Plugin™ for Relativity works with all currently supported versions of Relativity from 9.7 to RelativityOne. Native File Support is only available on the latest versions. Please contact us to upgrade for free.

[1] Automatic Machine Translation (MT) strives to return the translation result in the original format but does not guarantee that; it may return simple text instead.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ai Translate by LSI™ is a translation solution from Linguistic Systems. The solution uses a combination of advanced proprietary machine translation technology, ISO-certified processes and security, and Linguistic Systems' network of 7,500 skilled, certified translators to deliver high-quality translations in up to 120+ languages. Linguistic Systems offers 50+ years and billions of words of experience serving 25,000 clients, including many Fortune 100 and AmLaw100 firms.