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Partnership Benefits

Linguistic Systems, Inc. (LSI) and the CSB Strategic Business Solutions (SBS) division of Cosmich Simmons & Brown (CS&B) have formed a strategic partnership to provide best-in-class, AI-based machine translation and expert human translation services as part of CSB’s end-to-end legal and LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing) services. These joint efforts support eDiscovery, litigation, investigations, due diligence, M&A, post-acquisition integration, regulatory reviews, and multi-language document review and translation for CSB’s clients — global leaders in technology, manufacturing, retail, transportation, mining & precious metals, and other industries.

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About Cosmich Simmons & Brown’s Strategic Business Solutions

CSB Strategic Business Solutions (”SBS”) is a subsidiary of the law firm of Cosmich Simmons & Brown (”CS&B”). Born out of a law firm environment, SBS is comprised of more than one hundred highly qualified attorneys, eDiscovery specialists, and other legal and business professionals who provide legal and LPO services to support litigation, investigations, due diligence, M&A and post-acquisition integration services, contract management, managed review, multi-language document review and translations, and other legal, contract, and business services to corporations and law firms. 

Ai Translate and STAR Semantic Search

Strategic Business Solutions clients have access to two powerful tools from Linguistic Systems: Ai Translate (our powerful translation solution) and Semantic Translation Technology-Assisted Review (STAR), a dynamic new tool in beta use for semantic search.

Semantic search can allow Ai Translate users to minimize the volume of their data that needs to be reviewed, analyzed, and translated in commercial litigation or transaction projects that require a combination of technology-assisted review and human review.

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